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Need a domain name, web hosting, or a managed firewall? StormForge Technologies is here to help. Hosting with free domain name, domain transfer and email is as little as $125 / year, or if you want more flexibility, register a domain name for $15 / year and get web and email hosting for $25 / month.

Managed firewall service is available starting a $25 / month. Managed firewall service is ideal in the following situations:

  • you need a reliable, secure firewall that is capable of handling more than just what you get with a cheap consumer firewall
  • you have multiple LANs (or should have), whether this is to separate parts of your business. Maybe you should have separate LANs because of PCI/DSS requirements
  • ability to have multiple internet connections and have it failover
  • virtual private network between office location and/or you have people that need to access the LAN remotely
  • easily blocking computers and networks around the world that act maliciously
  • monitoring network activity on the LAN. This can help to quickly diagnose problems, isolate computers that might be infected, etc
  • Other features are available. Managed firewalls can be the right choice for just one or an enterprise. How much capability determines cost. Let's talk and determine what you need. Or order services below.

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