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  StormForge provides the Internetwork services you need:

Intranets: Web based Intranets that you can access from within your office
or anywhere. Use one application to access your company information.
Share the information with your staff and customers. We design, host and
manage. You reap the benefits. Go to top of page

Extranets: Like Intranets, we provide Web based Extranets so that you,
your partners, colleagues and customers can take advantage of rapid,
dynamic exchange of information. This knowledge management provides
a true competive advantage for you. We design, host and manage the
site while you leverage the power of this technology.Go to top of page

E-commerce: Whether you have a store front selling pottery or an enterprise
business-to-business service, we are your trusted partner. Use our
expertise to help your e-commerce site flourish. Our solution and
service allows you to maximize your e-potential. Go to top of page

Application services: Sometimes called groupware. Things like email,
calendaring, scheduling, databases. We integrate these tools
that allow all of your people to work together as a team. Most
small businesses don't enjoy the advantage of these tools because of
complexity and price: even if you have someone who can set it up, it
takes time and can be expensive. We set it up, host, and manage it
for you. You only need your web browser. We bring it to you
affordably.Go to top of page

VPN: A virtual private network lets you
securely connect disparate parts of your business and let them function
like they are all together locally. Do you have different offices? People
that work from home? Let them function like they are "In" the office. We
help you integrate this truly global solution.Go to top of page

Remote network trouble monitoring: We can monitor your network remotely
for you at a reasonable price and notify your administrator via text,
email, phone call, or respond ourselves should something go wrong
before you even know that something is wrong. Enhanced service
offering. ***This service is available to companies and
consultants who wish to offer monitoring services to their customers. Go to top of page

Remote destop support: Faster support for most desktop and server
related issues. No waiting for someone to drive to your office
because we can do it remotely. Faster support saves you money by
increasing your productivity and no being charged for travel time to
and from.Go to top of page


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