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  StormForge provides a unique network service that can be tailored to
suit your needs. For one reasonable monthly fee, you can receive:

Broadband Internet access: Customers generally receive a high speed
connection into the StormForge network that requires no additional
hardware -- just plug an Ethernet cable into your existing network. Go to top of page

Firewall protection: Firewalls seem to have a somewhat mystical aura around
them. They also are beyond the expertise of most organizations and can be
expensive to buy or to hire a consultant to configure. This is part of our
basic service.Go to top of page

Web based Email: StormForge customers can just log in using their web
browser of choice and get their mail. No software to install, configure or break.
It stays on the server and gets backed up. Access it from anywhere with just
a web browser.Go to top of page

Desktop service and support: Basic network service packages include
desktop support hours. Have no in-house support person? Have an in-house
guru who was hired for a different purpose but can't do their actual job because
they are always fixing other peoples computers? Have support staff that are
swamped and need help? Here's a way out so you can keep your people
working efficiently. Go to top of page

Network service and support: This optional service provides highly
skilled network engineers to work on your network servers and equipment.
Whether you have no network administrator or they are swamped,
we can help out. Go to top of page

Your own Internet domain name (registration required): Optional domain name
registration and hosting services. We can help you with the right name, register
it and host it on our servers.Go to top of page

File, print and application server services: Optional server services. We can
provide these for you from one of our servers. Free yourself from the high
capital cost of buying or leasing equipment. Lose the adminstrative
requirements. Access from within only your office or from anywhere
on the Internet.Go to top of page

Emergency service: We can provide engineers to fix your problems with your
desktop computer, your server or network. Enhanced service offering.Go to top of page

Remote network trouble monitoring: We can monitor your network remotely
for you at a reasonable price and notify your administrator via pager, email,
phone call, or respond ourselves should something go wrong before you even
know that something is wrong. Enhanced service offering.Go to top of page


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